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About functional design

Why some stands attract more attention?

Why do we want to go back there?

Why do we want to share our impressions?

Why do we remember and distinguish them among others?

It’s just the way functional design works.

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About us

We have been creating exhibition space for companies in Ukraine since 2007.

We provide modern solutions in industrial design. In order to do this, we regularly visit international exhibitions, fairs and workshops where we inspire with the latest techniques of exhibition design, which adapt for our customers.

Our clients are leaders at market

Interbuildexpo, 2019


Creation of an exhibition stand using high-quality materials and breaking with the traditional conception of the exhibition formats.

Arms & Sequrity, 2019


One of our clients from the USA contacted us for the creation of a stand that combined technology, spectacular lighting and a cozy atmosphere. That’s how we worked in the high-quality structure and visual effects.

Aquatherm, 2019


We worked out a special stand for the presentation of a new water purification system.

Interior Mebel, 2017


Construction of a space of 228 m² for Gruppo Gimo at Interior Mebel Trade Fair.

Arms & Sequrity, 2018


Annually Hytera create exposition where clients and members of the company meet, share ideas and interact with new applications.

We are professionals, so you will enjoy working with us

We work fast

We offer individual solutions for your business based on great experience in creating exhibition projects in various segments. We know which models work best and why.

We choose everything by ourselves

To successfully complete a project, we select necessary equipment, furniture and materials at initial stage. You do not have to look for anything.

We design knowing how to implement it

Your design project will not need to be adapted. We can easily implement a project with 100% compliance, and you will be able to control it.

We guarantee meeting deadlines

We strictly adhere to terms of project realization. Moreover, we also provide financial guarantees.

We optimize price saving quality

We help save budget of a project not losing quality. We design a stand at initial stage in order to calculate budget at other stages.

We comprehensively implement projects in Europe

We open stands in time that fully meet all requirements of a customer. Manufacture and selection of equipment, furniture, advertising design.